I Got Your Back Massage & Wellness Center 

149 Portage Trl Suite 2

Cuyahoga Falls OH 44221

330-247-2217 Office

330-283-2949 Cell

"I take pride in my ability to  provide you with a wonderful experience. "  

                                        Shay S. 

I Got Your Back Massage and Wellness Center  will revitalize your body, mind and soul. Whether you enjoy a relaxing massage, restorative body session or healing sessions, you will leave feeling relaxed and  energized.

Working Hours

Monday - Thursday 10am - 6pm

Friday & Saturday 9am - 2pm 

 Customize: I actively listen to my clients and their bodies and customize every massage.  I  believe that each massage should be specifically focused on what you want and need that day.

Relationships- . I  have a true passion for what I do and work at  finding answers in an effort to help my clients.  I  don’t just “do massage”, I  build relationships.

Experience- I have over 10 years’ professional experience of Massage and Healing combined.  I graduated from Carnegie Career College (Massage), Institute for Divine Wisdom (Healing)  

Natural Healers (Reiki) 

Time- I  respect your time and your session.  You will receive your full scheduled time on the table. 

Quality. Not Quantity- Every client gets 100% of my attention.  I limit my sessions to 4 clients per day  in order to  focus on quality of my clients and self-care for myself.   Limiting the amount of clients I see ensures the optimal massage experience for you.