A massage designed to address your specific needs for relaxation, stress and tension.

30min - $30

60min - $60

90min - $90

60min Couples $100

90min Couples $125

60min In-Home Massage $75

90min In-Home Massage $125

   Corporate Chair Massage/Event - $75 per hour

   Each participant receives 15min Chair Massage

   (Min 4 Participants, Max 100 Participants 




I Got Your Back Massage and Wellness Center

Reiki Session

Customized Massage

Reflexology is a type of massage that involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet. Benefits of this treatment reduce stress and anxiety, 
reduce pain, lift mood, improve general well-being.


Developed in France, Cryoskin is a alternative modality focusing on fat removal and skin toning. The treatment involves hypercooling the superficial tissue layers of the body to subzero temperatures in order to activate and stimulate cells in the body, resulting in reduction in fat cells and collagen production in the skin.

Cryoskin Slimming is a 28-minute treatment that applies both heat and cold into the superficial tissue layers of the body. The Cryoskin treatment process involves the application of drastically alternative temperatures in consecutive stages, resulting in the destruction of fat cells which then passed through and processed by the lymphatic system.  This treatment can only be performed every two weeks to give the body enough time to actively recycling fat cells through the lymphatic system. 

$350 Per Session

The Cryoskin Toning treatment is 20 minutes in duration and utilizes only cold therapy to decrease superficial tissue layers to -2ºC, leading to in an increase in local tissue metabolism and an increase in local blood circulation as well. This process both increases collagen & elastin production, eliminating cellulite, toning local tissue and reducing signs of aging. $350 per Session

Cryofacial Facial treatments are also 20 minutes in duration and utilize only cold therapy to increase local tissue metabolism and increase local blood circulation. Utilized to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, tighten and tone the skin providing a natural alternative to botox. Facial treatments are NOT recommend IF you have had botox or fillers in the past 12 weeks. *Decolletage area can also be included in this treatment. 

$250 per session

Reiki is a Japanese style of healing which involves light pressure touching. Reiki 
 increase of energy levels, relieves stress and anxiety, aids better sleep, great for people who cannot withstand the pressure of massage and promotes emotional &  spiritual growth.