I Got Your Back Massage and Wellness Center

Reiki Session


Customized Massage

Reiki is a Japanese style of healing which involves light pressure touching. Reiki 
 increase of energy levels, relieves stress and anxiety, aids better sleep, great for people who cannot withstand the pressure of massage and promotes emotional &  spiritual growth. 



Reflexology is a type of massage that involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet. Benefits of this treatment reduce stress and anxiety, 
reduce pain, lift mood, improve general well-being.


A massage designed to address your specific needs for relaxation, stress and tension.

Express Massage 30min - $30

Rejuvenation Massage 60min - $60

Recharge Massage 90min - $90

Side by Side 60 Min Couples Massage $110

Side by Side 90 Min Couples Massage $175

Relax to You -60min In-Home Massage $120